Holiday 28 Day Transformation

Has a summer of BBQ's and Vacations get in the way of reaching your goals? 

Holiday weight gain season will be here soon. Do something good for yourself and get fit this season.

Get Started on 2018 Goals Now!

This the same progam many of our most successul clients started with on their fitness journey. 

Feel confident and energized this winter season. We only offer this promotion three times per year. 

Get details now as classes typically fill quickly. We wil push you for 28 Days to get the result you want! If you follow our plan, then you can reach your goals and be our next success story! 

This does not include fad diets, or a plan that gets you short term results. That's our promise.

Read Some Sucess Stories

Tim Vogel’s first visit to Training for Warriors East Metro was a little different than it is for some people. He was coming along to listen in on the conversation with his wife and Head Coach Brian Waldo. Little did he know it would lead to changes he never thought would happen. Tim has become a successful student in our practices and he strives each day to make better choices! We asked Tim to share his thoughts below. Read his story and see if it might seem familiar?

Tim"s struggles before TFW East Metro were... 

When I first started the program I suffered from a sugar addiction and significant inactivity. Sense of helplessness and knowing I needed to change but didn’t want to… or felt I could not make a permanent change that needed to happen. I knew that if I didn’t choose to alter my life there would be payday coming. My Doctor was telling me to lose weight, my knee was telling me to lose weight and my wife was trying to get through to me as well. I was a miserable mess. I dreaded hot weather and clothes I used to wear hung in the closet. In my own words “I am never letting myself go” just mocked me, because I had. I would hear on the radio people who would swear by special diet programs and think yeah right. (Read more by clicking below)

Annie Zastera started her journey at Training For Warriors East Metro in Cottage Grove, Mn with a "8 Week Transformation" Program. Annie's story is similar to many individuals looking to change the direction their health and well being are heading. Read more about how TFW East Metro has changed Annie's life and continues to deliver a service impacting the quality of her life!

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?  

I ate horribly and didn't move. I never realized how poorly I ate until I was shown what my body really needs. Of course I still have a little something here and there but even my "cheat" foods have changed to better foods. My kids tease me that my protein shake has green things in it and that is not a treat.

Transformation Starts November 27th and ends December 22nd, 2017 Apply Now! Over 40 Class Offerings/Week! 

Cassie Jacaobson has been a part of our dojo now for some time. She continues to come and participate in our system and enjoys success with her fitness that she was not achieving before even though she had been making efforts she thought should have been delivering results at a another local fitness facility. Have you been working out and not getting results? Cassie learned that some changes our system provided got her results she was looking to achieve! 

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?  

I was exercising and thinking I was eating healthy, but seeing NO results. In fact I think I was gaining weight. I was doing the same thing day in and day out for exercise.

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Transformation Starts November 27th and ends December 22nd, 2017 Apply Today! 

Taking up to 20 Participants