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Let our over 30 years of training experience and certified training\coaching work for you!  We are known for getting results and keeping you in the game of life!

This program (TFW Renegade) is only the third one to be established in MN and is one of over 250 gyms world wide. Over 10,000 people per day are doing TFW workouts originally designed for fighters. This system delivered such tremendous results that founder Martin Rooney decided to take his program worldwide and shape it for anyone who wants to build muscle, burn fat and feel good!

The Life Warrior program is about making a commitment to real change in your life. "This is not just about losing weight. After 23 years of working in health and fitness, this is one of the most well rounded methods I have seen", said Waldo- owner of OHP Personal Training. This program will give you the tools and weekly motivation to join the resistance and fight the war on obesity, diabeties, heart disease, cancer and aging!

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